I am amazed at what God can reveal to us using even a tree. God wants to accomplish His purpose in each one of our lives. His purpose for each of us is unique and marvelous. There must have been hundreds of fig trees on the way from Bethany to Jerusalem at that time. The Lord must have walked in that way number of times. But when the time was come for the Lord to bring forth the truth ‘Have faith in God’, the Lord went to this specific fig tree. God’s plan for that specific fig tree was NOT to yield fruit like all other fig trees but God had a glorious plan for that specific tree. We read about only that fig tree even after 2000 years. Because the Word of God is settled in heaven forever that specific fig tree will be remembered forever although it did not yield fruit like all other fig trees. How many times we want to be like others – in style, education, position, possession and in everything else? Can we learn from others? Yes; but not to waste our lives trying to be like others. Dear friend, “My thoughts are nothing like your thoughts, says the LORD. And my ways are far beyond anything you could imagine.” (Isa 55:8) God wants to accomplish a unique and glorious thing in each one of our lives. Are you wasting your life trying to be like others missing the glorious life God wants to accomplish in and through you? Please yield to what God has for you. Use the unique gift(s) God has given you. Your life will be of a greater blessing not only to you but for generations to come even into eternity. Have a Blessed day